Winning a Partnership Award

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Winning a Partnership Award

Categories: NewsPublished On: 18th April, 202318.6 min read

Applications are open until 25th April 2023 for this year’s Partnership Awards.

To better understand what winning an Award means, we spoke with Dickson Biryomumaisho, Executive Director of The Uganda National Apiculture Development Organisation (TUNADO), whose organisation won the Sustainability Award in 2022 alongside Bees for Development, the Wales-based charity with which they work in partnership.

“I must applaud Hub Cymru Africa for putting together such an innovative challenge,” says Dickson. “My experience is that to win, you must be well connected with your Welsh partner. You can’t forge a relationship; it must be working properly and genuinely. Winning this was really a great honour, we are actually very proud.”

TUNADO is recognised by the public and government of Uganda to coordinate value chain actors in the apiculture industry. As a membership body, it unites beekeepers, processors, packers, service providers, development partners, government and all other stakeholders towards apiculture development in Uganda. Their support for local honey farmers in Uganda has reached 1.2 million bee-keeping farmers, and TUNADO has pushed for 950,000 women to be involved in the Apiculture value chain.

Dickson Biryomumaisho, Executive Director of TUNADO

Dickson says he was impressed by the level of professionalism exhibited by Hub Cymru Africa during the adjudication of the Award. “The interviewers created a very relaxed environment. I didn’t even realise I was being interviewed because it was more like a conversation.” Winning a Partnership Award increased his confidence in both TUNADO and its partnership with Bees for Development. “We really were able to appreciate ourselves and the work we do as partners. It reassured us that we understand each other and that we are indeed partners.”

Winners of the 2023 Partnership Awards will be invited to speak on a panel at the Global Solidarity Summit on 23rd May 2023. Dickson says that winning the Award last year proved invaluable in growing TUNADO’s network and expertise. “We got a session with a consultant from Hub Cymru Africa who was able to guide us through issues like significant change, evaluation, and tracking impact, which is knowledge we are still using today. The information we gained is still very relevant to the work we do in alleviating poverty and disadvantage. We really found what we learned from Hub Cymru Africa so helpful.”

Watch the video below from April 2022 of Dickson Biryomumaisho, Executive Director of TUNADO, and Shawn Lawson, Project Manager at Bees for Development, discuss winning last year’s Sustainability Award.