Sudan Fundraising Bazaar

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Sudan Fundraising Bazaar

Categories: NewsPublished On: 17th July, 202316.8 min read

To stand in solidarity with those affected by the ongoing conflict in Sudan, the Sudan Revolution Support Group Cardiff held a fundraising bazaar on 24th June 2023. It was held in association with Hub Cymru Africa, the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel, the NON-PLACE Collective and the Umbrella Art Collective Cardiff.

Hosted by G39 — Wales’s largest artist-run gallery and creative community for the visual arts — the event brought together over 80 people from the Sudanese diaspora and other interested individuals. It informed attendees of the conflict while raising money for the Sudan Doctors Union, which continues to provide emergency medical relief in Sudan under extraordinarily difficult circumstances.

“It was really good! It raised awareness of the situation in Sudan, which is really important.”

Attendees could enjoy delicious Sudanese food, have henna designs painted on their hands and arms, and purchase traditional clothes and handicrafts. On an open stage, guest speakers shared their stories, thoughts and testimonies – their own, and those of friends and families facing an uncertain future in Sudan. Young members of the Sudanese diaspora community also gave mesmerising dance performances. In a screening room, attendees could watch a film created especially for the event, which showed a compilation of global newsreels explaining the situation on the ground and the events that led up to it. Children were entertained with a bouncy castle and various drawing and colouring activities.

Despite the troubling circumstances behind the event, it was a joy to see the Sudanese diaspora come together to share their culture with the wider community and impart knowledge about the state of Sudan today. It fostered a strong spirit of allyship while raising vital funds to support those in need of medical relief.

“I bought some perfume and mineral hair treatment (mud!) from the stalls, and I enjoyed some food. The speakers were interesting and I loved the dancers. Thank you to your team for organising this, I will certainly come again if you hold another event.”

If you attended this fundraising bazaar, Hub Cymru Africa and the Sub-Sahara Advisory Panel would like to thank you for standing in solidarity with Sudan, her people and the Sudanese diaspora community in Wales.

To view photos from this event, please visit our Flickr album.