WWF Nedbank Green Trust
Type of Project: Projects which focus on conservation of nature and ecological processes. The Trust is interested in projects that offer differentiated or unique ways to unlock a stuck problem, tangible impacts and outcomes based on agreed change logic, scaling, catalytic potential, viability (impact beyond funding period), future funding, demand for the solution, scaling mechanism, environmental outcomes contribution as guided by the WWF Strategy, relevance to big social issues, people-centered solutions, gender considered solutions, visibility potential, and evidence of support from the receiving environment (letters of support), WWF Environmental and Social Safeguards Framework.
Location: South Africa
Eligibility: The Trust funds organizations that are developing innovative and transferable solutions, in partnership networks, that have the potential to catalyze (ignite and enable) change in South Africa from an undesired state to a desired state as defined by the Trust strategy. Therefore, all applicants must have a clear theory of change/change logic for the solution proposed, relative to other actors, relative to the Trust strategy.
Grant Size: Up to R 3 million over 3 years. Core support and the purchase of capital equipment are not eligible.
Closing Date: 4 December
Apply: https://www.greentrust.org.za/funding/