Women´s Peace & Humanitarian Fund: Rapid Response Window on Women’s Participation in Peace Processes

Type of project: Financing for strategic and urgent services and initiatives that support the participation of women peacebuilders and women’s civil society organizations in national, subnational and international formal peace processes. Funding Stream 1 is for Direct Support which includes logistical and technical support that would increase the likelihood of a woman CSO representative to actively participate in or influence a peace process or the implementation of a peace agreement – such as the cost of travel arrangements, childcare, access for persons with disabilities, interpretation needs, expert advisory support, etc. Funding Stream 2 is to support a range of partners to deliver rapid grants (6 months maximum) for projects that address diverse barriers to women’s influence and participation in peace processes or the implementation of a peace agreement.

Location: open to peace processes in all ODA eligible countries with a track 1 or track 2 peace process, including non WPHF-eligible countries.

Eligibility: Local and national civil society organizations are invited to submit a request for support, including coalitions of CSOs. Women-led organizations are especially encouraged to apply. Proof of legal registration (or legal status) is not required for an application for direct support.

Grant size: Funding Steam 1: Direct Support up to $25,00 worth of services purchased and arranged directly from the funder on behalf of the applicant; Funding Stream 2: Short Term Grants stream up to $100,000.

Apply: https://wphfund.org/rrw/