Voice Kenya Sudden Opportunity Grant 

Type of project:  Public civic education programmes prioritising collaborations among organisations led by or representing marginalised communities and those bringing expertise on effective political participation and increasing civic education. Priority is given to applications led by organisations that work on, for, and/or with the following rightsholder groups: Vulnerable elderly and young people; Indigenous groups and ethnic minorities; LGBTI people; People with disabilities; Women facing exploitation, abuse, and/or violence.

Location:  Kenya

Eligibility: Coalition, network or consortia with the participation of human rights defenders, private institutions and companies, journalists, bloggers, NGOs and self-interested individuals or intellectuals who identify and agree with the reimagining civic education, or jointly and collectively seek the promotion and protection of civil and political rights of Voice rightsholder groups. It is important to note that the lead applicant must be a locally registered Kenyan organisation but that the action needs to be a collective one.

Grant size: €100,000

Closing date: 31 December

Apply: https://voice.global/call-for-proposal/kenya-sudden-opportunity-grant-v-21181-ke-so/