United Nations Office for Project Services – Lives in Dignity Grant Facility 

Type of project:  Projects which address the forced displacement crises in three regions of the world. The expected overall impact of the grant facility is that refugees and other displaced persons become productive members of their host communities and participate in furthering their common resilience, socio-economic growth and development. The strategic priorities for the Facility are: Early coordination with development focus, leading to development-led approach to forced displacement

in support of a nexus approach and seeking synergies with humanitarian actors;

Needs rather than a status-based approach, including all persons affected by displacements; More coherent and complementary approach with strong synergy between all partners.

Location: Lot 1: Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan; Lot 2: Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Nigeria; Lot 3: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama.

Eligibility: A partnership of at least two entities made up of any of the following entities: International Organisations; NGOs (international, national); CSOs, including but not limited to, Refugee- / IDP- / other affected population- led organizations; National Authorities; Local authorities; Academia and research institutes; Foundations; Private Sector. There must be a minimum of at least one national/local partner.

Grant size: Grants for all Lots are between $575,000 – $2.3m excluding 15% co-funding. Local authorities and local non-state actors (e.g. CSOs) are exempt from the co-funding  requirement.

Closing date:  2 August

Apply: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/132051