UN Women Global Award for Women´s Empowerment 

Type of project: Encourage and promote national, regional and international efforts aimed at empowering women and enhancing their role as an equal partner towards sustainable development. Under the Civil Society stream, awards will be made for selected projects that: Launch initiatives that aim to empower women and ensure the sustainability of their participation in the labor market; Launch and/or implement development programs to empower women economically and/or socially, to be value-added members of society; improve the institution’s ability to take part in advocacy groups guided by public opinion in a way that positively reflects on the status of women and future generations; Contribute to building a national knowledge system in the field of women empowerment with the aim of contributing to developing further social awareness in relation to women and their role; The ability to adopt and provide innovative services and options in support of women and the family.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Individual women’s empowerment champions, civil society, public sector and private sector entities are encouraged to apply in the relevant category. Institutions and civil society must be registered in their country.

Grant size: $100,000 for the Civil Society stream.

Closing date: 31 March

Apply: https://www.womenglobalaward.org/en/about/global-award-for-women-empowerment