Project Description

U.S. Mission to Rwanda: Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund

Type of project:  Programmes to support local communities.  All projects should be community based, locally initiated, and foster community self-reliance. This year we are seeking applications for projects which will: Improve basic economic and social conditions at the grassroots level; Support high-impact activities that benefit many people; Involve local contribution in cash, labour, and/or material; Have local support and be within the ability of the local community to operate and maintain; Be completed within 12 months.

Location: Rwanda

Eligibility: Cooperatives that are registered with the Rwanda Cooperative Agency and/or  NGOs that are registered with the Rwanda Governance Board may apply. Projects must be led by members of the local community.

Grant size: Dependent on the availability of funds. Last year´s call ranged from $1,000 – $15,000

Closing date: 25 July