U.S. Embassy Gaborone Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund Program
Type of project: Organizations interested in submitting applications for projects that are community-initiated and involving schools, clinics, co-operatives, associations, training, or community improvement projects. This Self-Help fund provides small, short-term grants (one year) to community groups that are working to improve the basic economic and social conditions of their villages or communities.
Location: Botswana
Eligibility: Non-Profit Organizations •Schools •Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), •Community Based Organizations (CBOs), •Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) •Orphanages •Health Facilities may apply. There is a requirement for cost sharing, matching, or cost participation (e.g. funds, material and/or labor) of 10%.
Grant size: Up to $10,000
Closing date: May 17
Apply: U.S. Embassy Gaborone Grants