U.S. African Development Foundation — Request for Partner Organization

Type of project:  USADF is seeking applications from local organisations to provide technical assistance and support to existing or prospective USADF grantees. The support is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of farmer cooperatives, producer associations, and small and medium-sized enterprises in national, regional, and international markets.  Applicant organisations must have experience providing technical assistance, training, organisational management skills, marketing analysis, and production and planning to indigenous community groups and businesses to ensure that their economic activities are financially sustainable, benefit low-income communities, and meet performance targets.

Location: Windhoek, Namibia

Eligibility: Legally registered not-for-profit organisations and for-profit firms that are willing to forego profits may apply.  Applicant organisations must be owned and managed by host country nationals. Key staff must also be nationals of the host country.

Closing date: 13 March 

Apply: https://www.usadf.gov/apply