To Do Award for socially responsible tourism

Type of project:  The TO DO is awarded for projects which are characterised by the active participation of the local population and fairness in the way the projects interact with all the stakeholders involved in the development of tourism. Projects criteria include: Strengthening local people’s awareness of the opportunities and risks of tourism development; Participation from a broad local population stratum on the positive social and cultural impacts of tourism, minimising and/or preventing undesirable tourism-related social and cultural impacts; Creating income opportunities in tourism for local people and improving the working conditions; Promoting intercultural encounters and exchange between hosts and guests; Taking environmental and climate-related sustainability criteria and the sustainable use of natural resources into account.

Location:  Worldwide

Eligibility: The applicants may be tourism businesses and organisations, public institutions or other legal entities.

Grant size: 5,000 Swiss francs per awardee.

Closing date: 15 August