The Sexual Violence Research Initiative – Research Grant 2024 

Type of project: The SVRI initiative is inviting applications for innovative research and interventions that will contribute to the prevention and response of violence against women (VAW) and violence against children (VAC) and other forms of violence driven by gender inequality in low and middle-income countries. What We Like to See in Proposals: Research that advances knowledge on VAW and VAC prevention and response; Proposals that are informed by current evidence, present a clear research question supported by sound methodology, and have policy potential; South-South (LMICs) or Southern-led research partnerships with roles and responsibilities
outlined; Consortium-led research that includes, for example, activists, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers.

Location: Low- and Middle-Income Countries as defined by the World Bank here.

Eligibility: • Preference will be given to proposals submitted and led by organisations based in LMICs who are affiliated with a recognised, legally constituted research institution or organisation with existing research or programming capacity on VAW and VAC. Where appropriate, they should involve partnerships between multiple organisations, for example: a local NGO, practice-based agency and an academic institution; or local government and an NGO or an academic institution. Applications in English, French and Spanish will be accepted.

Grant size: $40,000 to $150,000 for up to 18 months

Closing date: 6 July