The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity
Type of project: Focus areas for the overseas grants are: Education for groups or communities who have limited access, through distance, poverty, discrimination, or exclusion; Basic skills and tools to build local assets such as village schools, clinics, wells and sanitation; Basic training in health care, disease prevention, and low-tech and low-cost proven solutions to endemic problems; Sanitation, irrigation, hygiene and access to clean water; Women’s education, economic power, reproductive rights and safer childbirth and microfinance projects aimed at women; Help for marginalised communities – for instance the Dalits in India, and pastoralists in east Africa.
Location: London and the developing world.
UK registered charities with annual incomes of up to £5m may apply. Large national and international charities are ineligible.
Grant size: c. £350,000 in annual grants.
Deadline: 30 November