The Novo Nordisk Foundation – Informing humanitarian response through research, learning and innovation

Type of project: With this call, the Novo Nordisk Foundation is looking for applications focusing on research, learning, and/or innovative approaches in humanitarian settings. Applications should fall within one or more of the below sub-themes. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications that focus on both food security and health.

Location: The focus of the call is limited to the OECD DAC List of ODA Recipients in the following geographies: sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, South Asia, and Ukraine. For the categories Lower Middle-Income Countries and Territories and Upper Middle Income Countries and Territories, the applicant must describe how the project will specifically focus on people in vulnerable situations or affected by crisis from one or more of these geographies.

Eligibility: International humanitarian organizations and humanitarian organizations with a Danish Central Business Register number (‘CVR nummer’) may apply. An international humanitarian organization is understood as an organization with engagements in humanitarian settings in more than one country. Main applicants are encouraged to engage research or knowledge institutions, local organizations, regional networks or similar as co-applicants.

Grant size: Up to DKK 5 million per grant. Indirect costs may account for a maximum of 7% of the direct sub-total costs

Deadline: 18 April

Apply: Informing humanitarian response through research, learning and innovation – Novo Nordisk Fonden