The Northwick Charitable Trust 

Type of project: Grants are made to charities, primarily in the UK but also overseas, focusing on conservation, protecting the natural environment, providing relief of suffering and hardship, enabling life-enhancing opportunities to the mentally and physically disabled and encouraging youth work concerned with helping the community. A number of factors are used when awarding grants including: the effectiveness and impact of the charity; the level of administration costs (including how much senior executives in the charity are paid); the financial position
of the charity; and whether the operations of the charity are on a scale that could benefit significantly from the amount of the donation. The Trustees also receive feedback on how the grants have been used, and, when practicable, visit projects to which grants have been given or meet with representatives of the charities.

Location: UK and overseas

Eligibility:  Registered charities may apply.

Grant size: Grants totalled £441,000 in 2023 and ranged from £3,000 – £35,000. A full list of grants made can be seen of page 12 here.

Apply: charity-search (