The Laederal Foundation 

Type of project: Practically oriented projects helping achieve the UN SDG 3 aiming to reduce infant and child mortality by two thirds from 2010 to 2030. Projects relating to interventions on day of birth – including prevention of stillborn deaths will be prioritised.  Applications that go beyond a local impact and have the potential to document long term practical value and stimulate developments also in other regions/countries will also be prioritised. The Foundation welcomes applications that can advance treatment recommendations, education or implementation within: Resuscitation; Trauma; Maternal and/or new-born care. Half of the budget is earmarked for projects or programs to save lives at birth in low-resource settings.

Location: Worldwide. Applications from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Malawi, Bangladesh, India and Nepal are encouraged.

Grant size: Up to $50,000, with the average grant of $30,000.  20 grants are expected to be awarded. Institutional overhead costs can be covered up to 10%.

Closing date: 1 April