The Joffe Charitable Trust

Type of project: We support civil society leaders to build a fairer world, with opportunity for all. We particularly focus on tackling the systematic causes of inequality and poverty in lower income countries. We make grants and convene organisations to help them achieve more together. In 2021, we committed to spend out all our resources over the next 10 years and close the Trust at that point. We have two focus areas: 1) support work to strengthen integrity in the UK’s international financial services. Our objective in this area is to work with civil society leaders to position the UK as a leading driver of international financial integrity; 2) Support work to strengthen high potential non-profit organisations. We support groups that have high potential to help the UK be a good partner to lower income countries and address the causes of inequality. We fund them to make a step change in their organisational development. This includes work to become more sustainable and effective, for instance through funding back-office work. Our objective in this area is to support civil society leaders to build effective non-profit organisations that strengthen partnership between the UK and lower income countries.

Location: UK & low-income countries

Eligibility: Organisations with annual income of less than £5 million in Focus Area 1, and less than £1.5 million in Focus Area 2 may apply. We do not normally fund organisations that have entirely white male leadership at both board & executive levels.

Grant size: £5,000 to £30,000 per year for up to three years (i.e. a total grant of between £5,000 and £90,000). We are willing to provide unrestricted funding for organisations that meet our criteria. This includes core costs.