The Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) 

Type of project:  Call for Proposals for applied research projects to generate and mobilize evidence in support of contextualizing and scaling the impact of promising or proven innovative approaches to strengthen teacher professional development, agency and well-being. Additional objectives are to strengthen the capacities of relevant stakeholders to use that knowledge and innovation and to mobilize the evidence developed to improve policy and practice in education systems.

Location: KIX will prioritize funding to organizations based in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).  Full list in annex A here.

Eligibility: Proposals must be submitted by nationally/internationally registered or incorporated organizations. These could include, inter alia, research institutions, universities, think tanks, network secretariats, associations, civil society organizations, non-profits, or the private sector.  Applicants must have independent legal status (or “legal personality”), be capable of contracting in their own right and name, receiving and administering funds, and have the authority to direct proposed project activities. Applicants must be able to demonstrate their legal status through written documentation. Legal status will only be reviewed if and when applicants are selected following technical selection.

Grant size:  $300,000 – $2m CAD

Closing date: 15 January