The Fore 

Type of project:  Our funding might help your organisation to grow, increase your internal capacity, serve new beneficiary groups, become more sustainable or more efficient. Unlike many funders, we do not fund project-based work. We look to make grants that will strengthen organisations for the longer term. The Fore encourages applications from small organisations working with marginalised groups and led by people in the community that may have found it hard to access trust and foundation funding in the past. Registration is run on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the cap is reached, the round is closed, so please register early.

Location: UK & overseas

Eligibility: Any registered charity, CIC, CIO or Community Benefit Society with an income of under £500,000 in their last completed financial year is eligible to apply.

Grant size:  £30,000

Closing date:  12 December at 10am