The Beit Trust

Type of project:  Focus areas: education, health, welfare and/or the environment. For education, focus areas include postgraduate scholarships, grants for secondary and tertiary education. With secondary schools, grants are usually restricted to support construction projects and the provision of books. For health, grants are mainly given for infrastructure projects and to institutions dealing with the elderly and the physically and mentally handicapped. For the environment, focus to date has been the repopulation of black rhinos in Zimbabwe. Applications must prove sustainability, public benefit, cost-effectiveness, and a serious commitment to the specific focus areas. Favourable consideration is given to organisations which demonstrate a degree of self-help, long-term sustainability and an ability properly to administer the funds provided.

Location:  Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi

Eligibility: Established, independent institutions, in particular schools, hospitals and health centres may apply. Government organisations and start-ups are rarely funded.

Grant size: up to £50,000. Applications close to or above this will very rarely succeed.; Running costs are not funded.

Closing date: 30 November