The Audacious Project
Type of project: The big ideas that are part of The Audacious Project vary widely — from global health to ocean exploration to social justice to education. We are currently considering all issue areas and welcome your thoughts on the pressing problems we should be addressing. The Audacious Project looks for timely ideas that are that magic combination of deeply inspiring and convincingly credible. That means ensuring your idea balances the ability to change the way people look at an issue, with a deliverable plan that will make that vision come to life. The emotional appeal and personal connection should be met with a logical approach and a track record of your teams’ relevant successes.
Location: Worldwide
Eligibility: Are you a non-profit with an experienced team equipped to receive large scale philanthropic support? Note: Past projects have had an annual operating budget of $2 million or more. Individuals, ages 18 and up, may apply on behalf of a nonprofit, NGO, institution or collaboration between multiple entities.
Grant size: There are no restrictions on project funding requests.

Closing date: April 15
Apply: Apply | The Audacious Project