The Agency Fund- Research & Innovation on Human Agency

Type of project: We find and fund innovators with compelling ideas for expanding people´s agency over their own lives. How do I get off the street? What could I do to help my children thrive? Which benefits am I entitled to – and how can I access them?

We find that promising approaches often have “cold” components that would appeal to an economist (in that they overcome information failures) as well as “warm” components that would appeal to a psychologist (in that they account for how humans make sense of their life experiences). We are particularly keen on approaches that build on data & technology, and on existing networks & platforms, to offer customized support at massive scale. Our long-term vision is a vibrant ecosystem of players continuously testing agency-oriented approaches, reaching hundreds of millions of people, and sharing insights across thematic and geographic silos. See a list of existing funded projects here.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Institutions worldwide can apply for other funding. We highly value and encourage applications from low- and middle-income countries.  Where possible, we prefer donating to U.S. 501(c)(3) public charities for efficiency; but this does not affect our selection.

Grant size: $10k-$1m. Average grants are $200,000

Closing date:  31 August