Type of project: Projects working on Agroecology, Urban Nature, Biocultural Diversity; Climate Change; Small Scale Fisheries. Please note, while we remain open for funding requests that align with our criteria, we cannot fund initiatives beyond December 2024. SwedBio supports a limited number of strategic initiatives through our ‘Collaborative Partner Implementation Pathway.’ To collaborate with SwedBio and receive support, an application must align with SwedBio’s themes, approaches and principles. Applications must also meet our criteria listed below: 1. SwedBio can only fund initiatives that are relevant to the vision of SwedBio as outlined in our Theory of Change: Vision: SwedBio envisions a world that is sustainably managed and where rights are equitably fulfilled, with people being able to make sustainable choices for biodiversity rich and resilient futures while thriving in harmony with nature. 2. The application must be for activities related to SwedBio’s themes, approaches and principles and that aligns with the overall Theory of Change.

Location: OECD DAC list developing countries. Priority is given to least developed and other low-income countries. Middle-income countries are also considered, in particular as part of regional and global networks, and south-south collaborations.

Eligibility: SwedBio supports: Civil society organisations, including Indigenous peoples and local communities’ organisations, International organisations, Institutes, Universities.

Apply: Collaborate with SwedBio