Type of project: The Fund makes grants in four key focus areas: Marine conservation, local food, biodiversity, forest, river and mangrove protection, environmental sustainability. The Fund prefers the following types of projects: Fieldwork – including research, monitoring activities, conservation services, rehabilitation, restoration etc; Community Engagement – including education and training activities, capacity building, public events; Campaigns – including information and awareness-raising campaigns, policy and advocacy work; Networking – including exchanging and replication of best practices, bridging people, businesses, NGOs and associations, study visits, dissemination activities; and Technical Support – provision of appropriate equipment, study development, consultancy etc.
Location: St Vincent & the Grenadines
Eligibility: Local non-profit organizations, associations, clubs or unions, social cooperative enterprises and/or other local bodies, including research centres, are highly recommended to apply for grants. Non-local applicants, already active in the area or experts, can be also eligible for grants and strategic partnerships, if they prove that they can offer capacity building locally and/or tangible impact through their work on the ground.
Deadline: Ongoing – applications will be accepted in 4 periods per year, and specifically every January, April, July and October
Apply: https://www.svgef.org/