Seeding The Future Global Food System Challenge

Type of project:  The Challenge will provide awards to incentivize transformative food system innovations at different stages of development. Under the Seed Grants, we are seeking organizations that are planting and nurturing high-potential, innovative ideas and have developed a prototype and/or initial proof of concept. Growth Grants will be awarded to organizations that have demonstrated that their innovation is feasible and have projected both economic feasibility at scale and high-impact potential to transform the food system. Feeding The Future Grand Prizes will be awarded to organizations that have created innovations that are scalable, economically feasible at scale, trusted, and compelling to consumers, and have demonstrated major impact potential to transform the food system.

Location: Worldwide.

Eligibility: We invite applicants from national or international universities, research institutions, or non-profit organizations, as well as small or early-stage US or European for-profit businesses.

Grants size:  $25,000 – $250,000

Closing date: 1 August