Science for Africa Foundation Strengthening the Contraceptive R&D Ecosystem in Africa: Accelerating Innovations in Non-Hormonal Contraception for Women

Type of project:  Innovations that contribute to development of safe and effective non-hormonal contraceptives that meet the needs and interests of women and that address key barriers in accessing and using currently available methods. We are seeking non-hormonal contraceptives that are easy to access, discreet, convenient, and non-invasive. Additionally, it is important that these methods have tolerable side effects and do not impact the menstrual cycle.

Location: Africa

Eligibility: Applications must be led by an investigator based at an African institution, including Africa-led for-profit companies based in Africa and must demonstrate that at least 90% of the funding is going to support one or more African institution(s). We particularly encourage applications involving projects led by women or from women-led organizations and applications.

Grant size:  up to USD $350,000

Closing date:  16 December