Red Umbrella Fund

Type of project: The mission of Red Umbrella Fund is to strengthen and ensure the sustainability of the global sex workers’ rights movement by catalysing new funding specifically for sex worker-led groups and national and regional networks. The Fund is seeking applications which contribute to their vision and mission, demonstrate an inclusive approach towards marginalised groups within the sex workers’ movement and demonstrate a commitment to community involvement in decisionmaking processes and shared leadership.

Location: Worldwide
Eligibility: Red Umbrella Fund provides funding to sex worker-led organisations and networks that are: based in any country in the world; registered or unregistered; led by sex workers of all sexual orientations and gender identities. They prioritise organisations with annual budgets below the following threshold amounts: 200,000 euros for organisations whose members are individuals OR work within a single country; 300,000 euros for organisations whose members are organisations AND work in multiple countries.
Grant size: 10,000 – 130,000 EURO for two years of flexible core funding to support the general coordination, functioning and strengthening of a group, organisation or network and its members.
Closing date: 26 July