RAISE-FS: Resilient Agriculture for Inclusive and Sustainable Food Systems  Type of project:  The objective of the Innovation Fund is to promote innovations in selected agricultural sub-sectors in Ethiopia that enhances export and benefit smallholder farmers, women & youth as well as food system improvement. The Fund will focus on innovations at all segments of value chain from production to marketing to consumers. The Project should take place in the poultry, legumes, spices, oilseeds, potato or vegetables subsectors/commodities by focusing on at least one of the following domains: export enhancement, import substitution, food system improvement, climate resilience, smallholder farmers support and youth and women economic empowerment. Location: Ethiopia Eligibility: The applicant should be a registered company with a valid Ethiopian business license. Partnerships of multiple companies, NGOs, research institutions, etc. are allowed, as long as this partnership consists of at least one registered and licensed company.  Foreign are only allowed to apply in partnership with a company that possesses an Ethiopian business license. Partner companies, NGOs, research institutions, etc. can be involved in more than one project at a time. Grant size:  €25,000 – €50,000 Closing date: 16 December Apply: https://raise-fs.org/2022/11/14/innovation-fund-1st-call-for-proposals/