Type of project: Purposeful is an Africa-rooted global hub for girls’ organising and activism. Our vision is that girls can live in safety, dignity and freedom. Groups can submit a profile to be considered for funding opportunities and connect with other girl activists in your region.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: We accept applications from diverse groups of girls, including: Girls under 19 running formal or informal initiatives, including unregistered groups and groups without bank accounts; Collectives led by girls and those in partnership with young women under 30 including cis girls, trans girls, intersex and non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any girl-identified youth; Girl allies’ organisations and collectives led by intergenerational groups of women that have a track record of working with girls in ways that shift power; Organisations and collectives who demonstrate active participatory leadership models that include girls and young women in decision making.

Apply: https://wearepurposeful.org/submit-a-profile/