Purposeful With and For Girls Fund 

Type of project:  We are the world’s first Africa-rooted global fund for girl activists and their allies, resourcing girls resistance across the globe. We offer a range of funding, predominantly core and flexible support, to girls and their allies. Our funding streams are designed to meet specific context, needs and catalytic moments in the lives of girl activists including resources for: Core, flexible multi-year funding; Emergency response funding; Learning and growing funds: supporting capacity building, collective / individual care, research / documentation, travel, advocacy, collaboration and exchange. Thematic or geographic specific funds, often in collaboration with other partners. Girl Human Rights Defender Awards: a financial award with no reporting requirements to celebrate the ground breaking work done of girl activists. Our always-open database is a chance to submit a profile in your own words and on your own terms and timeframes. You are then invited to apply for funding through the year.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: We accept applications from diverse groups of girls across the world, including: Girls under 19 running formal or informal initiatives, including unregistered groups and groups without bank accounts; Collectives led by girls and those in partnership with young women under 30 including cis girls, trans girls, intersex and non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any girl-identified youth; Girl allies’ organisations and collectives led by intergenerational groups of women that have a track record of working with girls in ways that shift power. (for some of our funding windows); Organisations and collectives who demonstrate active participatory leadership models that include girls and young women in decision making. (for some of our funding windows)

Grant size: USD $250,000

Apply: https://wearepurposeful.org/submit-a-profile/