Norad Development, analysis, delivery, and use of weather and climate services 

Type of project:  Projects supported must contribute to the main objective: “strengthened ability to resist and adapt to the consequences of climate change and strengthened preparedness for climate-related natural disasters in developing countries”. The applicant must be able to demonstrate results of previous efforts in weather and climate services, and good insight into the issues related to the support to the development, analysis, delivery, and use of weather and climate services, including contextual- and situation-specific competence, as well as sound understanding of country-level needs. The following four cross-cutting issues must be given adequate consideration: Human rights, with a particular focus on participation, accountability and non-discrimination; Women’s rights and gender equality; Climate change and environment; Anti-corruption.

Location: ODA-approved developing countries.

Eligibility: Applicants can include public actors/bodies in Norway and in recipient country, Norwegian and international civil society organisations/non-governmental organisations, Norwegian and international analysis and research institutes, Private sector actors in Norway and in recipient country. If the applicant is a local group or a branch of an organisation, the parent organisation must submit the application.

Grant size:  NOK 1 million and above.