Mama Cash Solidarity Fund 

Type of project:  Funding to support the organisational needs of women’s funds. Mama Cash understands women’s funds to be groups, collectives, and individuals organising to defend and advance women’s, girls’, trans people’s and intersex people’s rights. They also raise money to do this grant making themselves. The Fund incorporates participatory grant making as a more equitable, just, transparent and accountable form of grant making which seeks to cede power to women’s funds who are best placed to make the decisions that are best for our peers and thus strengthen the feminist funding ecosystem. This year, the Fund will not have a theme unlike previous rounds. This means the Fund will support the organisational needs that applicants identify themselves. However, grants cannot be used for regranting or to solely support core costs. This type of support is part of Mama Cash’s other funding streams.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Women´s funds must be: led by the populations they seek to support;  Feminist; Autonomous (not a programme of a larger entity) and involved in both mobilising resources and grant making. Nascent and emergent funds are welcome to apply.  Full criteria here.

Grant size: €40,000

Closing date:  28 February