Lisle International Global Seed Grants

Type of project: Lisle International provides Global Seed Grants to support innovative projects which advance intercultural understanding through shared experiences, with the goal of creating a more just social order. Projects may seek to bridge a variety of community divides, including ethnic, cultural, religious, racial, or gender perspectives, anywhere in the world.
Location: Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa
Eligibility: Lisle prefers funding organizations over individuals; individuals applying should affiliate with an organization for project implementation. Focus on new projects with growth potential, rather than ongoing or well-funded programs, aligning with the “seed grant” spirit. Prefers to be a significant donor for well-defined intercultural projects by small and young organizations. Projects worldwide are eligible; US nonprofit status (501c3) not required, but local organizational certification is welcomed.
Grant size: $500 to $5,000
Closing date: 1 August