KBF Africa Prize 2023-2024

Type of project:  The Prize rewards African organisation which contribute to transforming society and sustainably improving the lives of people in Africa. It pays particular attention to initiatives that tackle challenges in Africa in transformative ways, which are resilient and adaptable in a constantly changing context, which have a long-term vision, and which empower people to take their future into their own hands.

Location: Africa excluding Somalia and Nigeria

Eligibility: Only organisations which have been established in Africa, by Africans and which are managed and led by Africans can apply. organisations from Nigeria and Somalia (countries of the previous laureates) are requested to abstain, as are organisations working on the themes of waste management and peace-building (themes covered by the two previous laureates). Two letters of recommendation are required. Full criteria here.

Prize: €200,000

Closing date: 16 March

Apply: https://kbs-frb.be/en/kbf-africa-prize-2023-2024