Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Type of project: The JRCT invites applications for projects pertaining to 5 distinct areas. 1.) Peace and Security: Challenging militarism, scrutiny of counter-terrorism measures, peacebuilding and building support for alternative approaches to defence and security. 2.) Power and Accountability: Strengthening corporate accountability, strengthening democratic accountability, encouraging responsible media. 3.) Rights and Justice: Protection and promotion of human rights, promoting rights and justice for minorities who face the most severe forms of racism, promotion of rights and justice for refugees and other migrants by identifying and tackling structures and systems that may deny them their rights. 4.) Sustainable Future: developing and promoting sustainable, low-carbon alternatives to the current consumerist and growth-based paradigm. 5.) Northern Ireland: Supporting processes of demilitarisation and inclusive, non-sectarian and participatory politics. Currently, they are specifically inviting applications for projects which target the impact of COVID-19 and/or systemic racism.

Location: UK, Ireland, Europe

Eligibility: The trust does not fund for-profit organisations, politically affiliated organisations, medical research, or service provision which they believe should be funded from statutory sources.

Grant size: Various, up to £300,000

Deadline: 14th November 2022 (online account must be made before 28th October)