Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Challenge Fund – Round 10 

Type of project: The Fund is one of Defra’s Biodiversity Challenge Funds. It competitively awards grants that seek to provide innovative and scalable solutions
to reduce pressure on wildlife from illegal trade and, in doing so, reduce poverty in developing countries. All projects should address one, or more, of the following themes: Reducing demand for IWT products; Ensuring effective legal frameworks and deterrents; Strengthening law enforcement; Developing sustainable livelihoods to benefit people directly affected by IWT.

Location: Proposals are particularly encouraged from sub–Saharan Africa, East
and Southeast Asia and Latin America. Projects will be expected to be mostly
focused on Low Income and Lower Middle-Income countries. Upper Middle-Income countries are eligible, however, projects must clearly demonstrate a stronger case for support.

Eligibility: Lead Partners can be based anywhere, but we strongly encourage projects to have in-country Lead Partners. All projects are strongly expected to seek and work with in-country partners, with meaningful and early engagement of in-country stakeholders.

Grant size:  Up to £1.5m depending on which stream is applied for.  The maximum annual value of funds requested should not exceed 25% of the Lead Partner’s average
annual turnover/ income for the previous 3 years.  

Closing date: 19 June