Ignite Philanthropy & The Oak Foundation – Call for Expressions of Interest in hosting the Out of the Shadows Index (OOSI)

Type of project:  Ignite Philanthropy is delighted to invite Expressions of Interest from Organizations interested in housing the OOSI and in continuing to develop this body of work whilst ensuring the future editions of the Index. Considering the improvements to the Index and the level of maturity and public recognition that the Index has achieved thus far, Ignite Philanthropy and the Oak Foundation have decided that the priority now is to identify an organization that can smoothly incorporate the Index into its Strategy and overall work and provide the work a healthy degree of sustainability into the future

Eligibility: The process of identifying and selecting a permanent host organization for the Index will consist of two stages: the submission of expressions of interest and the development of a more specific business case. This RFP focuses only on the submission of the expressions of interest. Successful organizations, whose expressions of interest are considered strong enough, will then be invited to develop business cases that should include, amongst other things, a concrete plan on how future editions will be sustained.

Grant size: $1m incentive grant as well as a dedicated budget for a resource mobilization consultant to help strategize and diversify Index funding and sustainability options.

Closing date: 25 November

Apply: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58f9fba72994cac80e4214b6/t/635901d67c826e6c3f135cb4/1666777559320/rfp+FOR+TRANSFER_final.pdf