Het Actie Fonds

Type of project:  Grassroots activist groups that strive for a sustainable and socially just world in which people and the environment are valued above economic interests. Funded projects include Direct actions, such as demonstrations, blockades, occupations, strikes, revolts, revolutions and other creative forms of (non-violent) confrontational protest; Protests that pressure authoritarian and oppressive regimes, aiming for political change; Politically controversial and radical projects that have difficulty finding funding elsewhere; Protests that are part of a long-term strategy aimed at systemic change

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Registered and unregistered organisations may apply. Projects with a total project budget of more than €20,000 are ineligible.

Grant size:  The maximum grant size is €3,000 per project for applications from Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin-America. For all other regions the maximum grant size is €2,000. Emergency grants are available up to €250.

Apply: https://hetactiefonds.nl/en/register-your-action/