GSMA Innovation Fund for Climate Resilience and Adaptation

Type of project:  This new Fund will help accelerate the testing, adoption and scalability of digital innovations that enable the world’s most vulnerable populations to adapt, anticipate and absorb the negative impacts of climate change. The Fund is seeking solutions that leverage digital technology, particularly mobile, to deliver climate resilience and adaptation solutions to and with low-income and vulnerable populations.

Location: Countries that are eligible to receive official development assistance across Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Eligibility:  Start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and social enterprises that derive the majority of their income from commercial activities may apply. NGOs will need to demonstrate that a majority of their income is derived from commercial activities to be eligible. NGOs that do not meet this test are not eligible to apply or receive grant funding. However, such entities can partner with eligible organisations and be project partners. Applicants should be registered and operating in the country of project implementation (whether domestic or foreign-owned or a joint venture). Female founders, and applicants with good representation of women at all levels of the organisation as well as applicants who have partnerships with relevant local stakeholders (e.g. community-based organisations) to deliver the project on the ground are encouraged to apply.

Grant size: £100,000 and £250,000. 25-50% match funding is required.

Deadline: 23 January