Type of project: Projects with a proven track record of taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. The Prize categories cover carbon mitigation broadly and include both resilience and adaptation projects that support and/or impact the decarbonization of the planet and the growth of the low-carbon economy. The five categories are: Carbon Sinks (Natural & Engineered), Energy, Finance, Social & Cultural Pathways and Transport & Mobility. The Prize is awarded for current programs and projects only. Applications centred on past work, unimplemented ideas or untested hypotheses will not be accepted.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: Whether you are an entrepreneur or start-up, a university research group, a non-profit or community leader or an intrapreneur at a large company or organization, we want to hear about the best initiatives to reduce emissions or increase uptake of greenhouse gases.

Prize: $25,000 to two projects in each category.

Deadline: 10 February or when 500 applications are received.

Apply: https://www.globalwarmingmitigationproject.org/apply