Global Partnership for Social Accountability – Green Accountability

Type of project:  The Call for Proposals focuses on merging climate action and social accountability through ‘green accountability’. Green accountability creates systemic ways for people to have a voice and role in the climate decisions that most impact their lives. It places citizens and civil society at the heart of climate finance to direct funding, implement solutions, and hold decision-makers accountable for effective and equitable climate action. The CfP aims to support and develop green accountability among social accountability practitioners and sustainable development CSOs. CSO sub-grants will contribute to ensuring that marginalized communities and local communities have a seat at the climate policy table and improve outcomes and reduce the risks of corruption and capture. The sub-grants will focus both on mitigation and adaptation, for example through implementation of the Principles for Locally Led Adaptation.

Location: In GPSA opted-in countries. See list here.

Eligibility: Legally registered CSOs or a CSO consortiums may apply. The winning CSO or consortium will then sub-grant a significant part of the grant to local CSOs in GPSA opted-in countries.

Grant size: $4m

Closing date: 24 May