Giving Women Circle

Type of project:  A project circle is a team dedicated to you to help your project become grant ready. It offers: a. capacity building (transfer of knowledge, skills or technical procedures to reinforce staff capacity to reach project goals),
b. technical support (e.g. collaboration with the Project Owner to develop
business or communication strategies, to design promotional or other communication materials, to review or to develop M&E tools or systems, etc.), c. practical advice (e.g. governance issues, legal queries, networking support, etc.), or d. other forms of non-monetary support and/or fundraising support (e.g. advise or collaboration on grant application writing, events or sales). Your project must: have a direct impact on the lives of women and/or girls in need; have been implemented for a minimum of 12 months and aims at financial sustainability. Possible project themes include empowerment of women and/girls through education & training & technology, livelihood creation, improved access to health and other innovative projects. ​

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: The organisation must meet the following criteria to apply: legally registered for a minimum of two years; is non-denominational and non-political; is open to a constructive debate around the areas of support as well as medium and long-term vision and strategy; availability of the founder/director to respond to the Giving Women evaluator, present the project at the Giving Women Project Evening (May or November) and represent the project in the Project Circle.

Grant size: In kind support including time, expertise and skills to the selected projects to make them grant ready. It also provides an access to networks of philanthropists and funders but, at the present time, does not make direct grants.

Closing date: 29 December

Apply: Apply to Become a Project Circle – Giving Women – Empowering Women to Empower Women