FRIDA – The Young Feminist Fund

Type of project:  This year, FRIDA is launching its 2022 call for applications. We’re excited to welcome new grantee partners to our FRIDA community and to continue supporting young feminist organising in new and creative ways. As a way of deepening our relationships with grantee partners and sustaining years of incredible growth, FRIDA has made the decision to only hold calls for applications for new grants on a biennial basis, i.e. every alternate year. More details coming soon in March.

More details:

Location: countries in the following regions: The Caribbean; Latin America; Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and North and Central Asia; West, East, South & Central Africa; South West Asia and North Africa; South, South East, East Asia and The Pacific.

Eligibility: FRIDA provides core, flexible funding for emerging grassroots groups led by young girl, women, trans and/or intersex feminists working in alignment with FRIDA’s principles.

Grant size: $6,000

Closing date: applications opens on March 15, 2022 and closes on April 19, 2022

Apply: How to apply — FRIDA | Young Feminist Fund