FCDO Wars fought better: Building the evidence on promoting restraint by armed actors 

Type of project: This call for proposals is for an accountable grant agreement to deliver a Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office funded research programme for up to 4 years (subject to approval beyond March 2026).The objectives of this project are to: improve the understanding of what is most effective in promoting restraint by armed actors – states, non- state armed groups (NSAGs) and others ensure this understanding contributes to making the FCDO and others more effective in supporting efforts to prevent and reduce civilian harm caused by conflict, through change to operations and policy.

Location: The focus of the research must be on ODA eligible countries

Eligibility: Academic and other not-for profit institutions that can demonstrate the required expertise and capacity to deliver may apply. Proposals can be submitted by single entities or by partnerships/consortia.

Grant size: Up to £5m over 4 years

Closing date:  20 October

Apply: https://www.gov.uk/international-development-funding/wars-fought-better-building-the-evidence-on-promoting-restraint-by-armed-actors