FCDO Market-aligned interventions for cleaner production in the textiles value chain

Type of project:  Implementation-focused projects and solutions that are applicable to the commercial value chains of the textiles and clothing sector, and that contribute to reducing or eliminating manufacturing pollution and waste, including but not limited to excessive consumption of raw materials, water, and energy; and generation and poor management of liquid effluents and solid waste.

Location: Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana.

Eligibility: Concepts may bring together different stakeholders, either as individuals or in a consortium, with at least one consortium member being based in the target country, including: a. Retailers and retail platforms (demand-side). b. Manufacturers (supply-side parties). c. Solution providers (these could include technology providers and/or research institutions in the pollution-control and circularity areas.
d. Industry actors. Applicants do not have to be based in the focus country but must have locally based partners in the target country/ies.

Grant size:  Three to six projects will be funded between £250,000 to £1 million.

Closing date:  14 December

Apply: https://www.gov.uk/international-development-funding/sustainable-manufacturing-and-environmental-pollution-smep-programme