FCDO LGBT+ Rights programme 

Type of project:  Project proposals that promote and protect the rights of LGBT+ people globally. The programme will support projects that address challenges faced by LGBT+ people globally including: reducing violence, discrimination and stigma; advancing and upholding human rights-compliant laws; supporting economic, cultural and societal inclusion; supporting LGBT+ people who face unique challenges during crises, conflicts and acute threats to their life

Location: Worldwide. ODA eligible and non-ODA eligible countries may apply.

Eligibility: International civil society organisations based anywhere in the world, human-rights defenders, parliamentary associations and consortia, which are LGBT+ led or with a strong focus on LGBT+ rights, are eligible to apply.

Grant size:  Projects up £500,000 a year will be considered.

Closing date: 7 August

Apply: https://www.gov.uk/international-development-funding/lgbt-plus-rights-programme-promoting-and-protecting-the-rights-of-lgbt-plus-people