EU Can Aid

Type of project: Grants are provided for small target groups for concrete projects

at a lower level than that which the main fund providers usually provide which are often used as co-financing for larger projects.  Projects must aim to improve the quality of life of local communities or generate income for the beneficiaries. Focus areas include Income generating activities; Social Projects – e.g. building or improving small social or training infrastructure or schools (roof, equipment etc.), access to water, access to electricity; Education and training; Water supply; Renewable electricity; Sanitation (latrines); Socio-economic Projects – e.g. vocational training; Support for Reconstruction Following Natural Disasters.

Location: Priority is given to least developed countries as defined by the United Nations Development Programme, and, secondly, to poor regions in middle-income countries and,

exceptionally, emerging countries.

Eligibility: Registered associations and NGOs may apply. Applications can only be considered if supported by three recent international references coming from OECD member countries.

Grant size: €2,000 – €8,000. A higher award can be considered especially if it can be demonstrated that this will lead to a higher contribution from other providers.