Environmental Funders Network – Rapid Response Fund

Type of project:  EFN welcomes applications for work that will help your organisation, collaboration or initiative seize an unexpected opportunity or react to an unexpected crisis that is external to your organisation, allowing you to secure a significant environmental ‘win’ that would not otherwise be possible. The specific event or situation to which your organisation is responding must not have been possible to anticipate, and it must be the case that action needs to happen quickly in order to be effective. Actions must be implemented within three months of securing funding. We welcome applications for work on all environmental issues but will give preference to work on thematic issues that EFN research has found to be less well funded, in particular a) trade and finance, b) consumption and waste, c) toxics and pollution, d) transport and e) fresh water.

Location: Worldwide

Eligibility: The applicant organisation must be UK-based.

Grant size: £25,000

Apply: https://www.greenfunders.org/efn-rapid-response-fund/