Embassy of Japan in Uganda 

Type of project:  Community development projects which directly benefit people at the grassroots level. Any projects geared towards grassroots assistance are eligible for financing. However, preference is given to projects in the following areas: Primary/secondary education; Vocational training; Primary health care, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS; Water and sanitation; Reconstruction for disaster areas; Agricultural development.

Location:  Uganda

Eligibility: Any non-profit organization, which has been registered with the National Board of NGOs or local governments and has a minimum of two years’ experience in implementing development projects at a grassroots level, and which has full-time paid staff and track record in handling at least 50 % of the requested fund, is eligible to apply. Potential recipients are international or local NGOs, community-based organizations, medical institutions, educational institutions and local authorities/governments.

Grant size: c $100,000

Closing date: 31 January

Apply: https://www.ug.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/ggp_en.html