Elrha Research in Response to Current or Anticipated Humanitarian Health Crises 

Type of project:  Research that will strengthen the evidence base for public health interventions in humanitarian crises and contribute to better health outcomes for people affected by crisis. Addressing leading causes of morbidity and mortality, proposals must respond to a globally recognised current or anticipated health crisis in a humanitarian setting. This will be an on-going humanitarian crisis or an anticipated impending crisis. Proposals will be context specific and driven by evidence needs identified by stakeholders in the crisis setting. Your research question will address a critical public health evidence gap. It will be informed by people affected by the humanitarian crisis and demonstrate a clear demand for evidence from humanitarian operational organisations, policymakers or other evidence users.   Proposals focusing on needs of women and girls are particularly encouraged.

Location: A crisis must be located in a country this is included on the DAC list of ODA recipients.

Eligibility: Applicants can come from academic or other research institutions, operational humanitarian organisations, government organisations, individual experts, and local non-governmental or community-based organisations. We encourage the building of collaborative partnerships that respect local leadership and research expertise.

Grant size:  £100,000 – £400,000

Closing date:  15 March

Apply: https://www.elrha.org/funding-opportunity/r2hc-call-for-research-in-response-to-current-or-anticipated-humanitarian-health-crises/